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Anthropologist, cirque enthusiast, trapeze artist & contortionist in training, long-distance runner, health & fitness freak, vegan, wannabe-photographer/artist, book connoisseur & animal lover.

I post a lot of circus photos, things I find beautiful & inspiring & places I want to go.

Una Mimnagh by Lucid Revolution on Flickr. 3 weeks ago / 16 notes

vickyaishablackthorn and Glen Birchall on the aerial sphere. 
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Trio trapèze by Mangegr1 on Flickr. 3 weeks ago / 24 notes
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Anonymous asked: Hey, you posted some pictures of an aerialist from the circus guild that I'm a part of from our monthly show Vaudevillingham. I just wanted to say that her name is Esther Demonteflores and she has a website that you might want to add with those pictures www(.)estherdemonteflores(.)com

Can you specify which pictures? The vast majority of my photos are from Flickr and they always link back to the photographer’s page and I can only give the information that they have provided so I am not sure which pictures you’re talking about…sorry!

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I saw Immortal World Tour last night…my 7th Cirque show!

I wasn’t a huge Michael Jackson fan prior to but if it’s Cirque du Soleil, I have to see it no matter what! But I was very pleasantly surprised! It was extremely entertaining and the crowd at this show was such an eclectic mix of people. More so than the audiences of other Cirque shows I have seen. And the pole act was KILLER!

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urielreddragon asked: i like your tumblr great pics

Thanks!! I like your photos too…where are you from?

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Catching some air-time at trapeze today. I may have sucked at the trick I was working on, but at least I can almost do middle splits while falling. 1 month ago / 10 notes
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