Wild is the Wind
Anthropologist, cirque enthusiast, trapeze artist & contortionist in training, long-distance runner, health & fitness freak, vegan, wannabe-photographer/artist, book connoisseur & animal lover.

I post a lot of circus photos, things I find beautiful & inspiring & places I want to go.

I saw Immortal World Tour last night…my 7th Cirque show!

I wasn’t a huge Michael Jackson fan prior to but if it’s Cirque du Soleil, I have to see it no matter what! But I was very pleasantly surprised! It was extremely entertaining and the crowd at this show was such an eclectic mix of people. More so than the audiences of other Cirque shows I have seen. And the pole act was KILLER!

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Catching some air-time at trapeze today. I may have sucked at the trick I was working on, but at least I can almost do middle splits while falling. 1 month ago / 10 notes
Hey, here’s my face all bundled up from the snow last week. Brrr! 1 month ago / 7 notes

My younger sister had a baby today! Oliver is his name. He rules and I haven’t even met him yet. That is all!

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Reminiscing about canoeing in Wekiwa Springs this past September because I hate this gloomy, cold, snowy, icy weather :( 2 months ago / 6 notes
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Just sittin’ on a rock all by my lonesome. I do love fall in Virginia, though. 5 months ago / 2 notes
Me and my sister looking extra…toothy! 6 months ago / 3 notes
Spent the last few days here. Visiting family in Florida for my closest cousin’s wedding. Dreading being back at home and returning to work :/ 7 months ago / 6 notes

This shooting in D.C. at the Navy Yard is literally right next to my trapeze school. Glad I didn’t sign up for a class today!

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